What to do if arrested?
AGetting arrested is a stressful time.  Being handcuffed and put in a jail cell can cause many people to panic and say things they later regret.  If there is one golden rule to remember if one is ever arrested it would be maintain your right of remaining silent.  Even when a police officer has you in an interview room and is “just having a talk”, remain silent.  Do not give a statement or discuss anything that you are charged with prior to contacting a lawyer.
Will I be required to appear in court in person after being released on my own recognizance or bail?
A The answer to this question really depends on whether or not you have retained a lawyer.  If you retain a lawyer and sign a designation, then the lawyer may appear on your behalf for most of the court appearances.  In the situation of a trial or a plea you will be required to appear, but your lawyer will inform you well in advance of such a date in order that it does not disrupt your daily life.  If you have not retained a lawyer then be prepared to make frequent visits to the courthouse and wait long-hours until your matter is reached.
Can my spouse drop the charges against me?
AThe short answer to this is NO.  In most cases, one is charged by the police.  A person is charged once the police have reasonable grounds to believe that a person committed a crime.  If the matter results to a trial, the spouse will be subpoenaed by the Crown Attorney in order to testify as to the events that took place which lead to the charges.
Do you accept Legal Aid Certificates?
ALegal Aid Certificates are accepted and welcomed.
Do I need a lawyer to buy a house?
AA lawyer is needed when purchasing real estate.  The lawyer will perform searches on the title to inform the purchaser what they are purchasing.  A lawyer will also be required to register the title of the real estate into your name.


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